maio 20, 2007



Yesterday late evening H-PAC, the air-supplier of the Millennium Series, found a high pressure bottle leaking out of the body (NOT the regulator) and producing ‘bubbles’ under the surface of the bottle body. This morning 12 ( !) more bottles, with different branding, were found with the same problem. All the bottles were within the necessary regulator dates for technical inspection.

As this is a MAJOR SAFETY & SECURITY ISSUE the Millennium Series in cooperation with H-PAC made the following decision for the sake of the security of all players, visitors, staff and the sport in general: From today on - until further notice - the Millennium Series Ltd. will not accept ANY bottles produced by the Polish company STAKO at its events anymore. The bottles will not be filled anymore and will be regarded as illegal equipment on the field.

Please be aware that a bottle from a different brand may also be produced by Stako, so please make sure to check for the actual manufacturer of your bottle by carefully reading the printing on the bottle.

As soon as we found out about the problem and had made the decission not to fill any bottles anymore the Millennium organized bottles by other companies and even from teams to help the players with a proper bottle. We tried very hard to organize bottles for everyone to be lend free of charge. Although we know we couldn’t provide a bottle to everyone we want to thank all the players and shop owners that made it possible for us to keep on going with the event in a safe atmosphere.

We thank you all for your understanding and will keep you informed on the matter.

The Millennium-Series Ltd.

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